Visual Thoughts

Here you can find some thoughts about everything, expressed in an image or a series of images. These might be little comments about life, time, whatever. Most of the time little etudes about some subject.

A common theme is that guy with the weird goggles and the funny cap. These are needed to make these images no longer self-portraits but: some guy.

Have a look and you will find out what I mean.

Social Distancing

Social Distancing

We are going through weird times right now. Here where I live we are not allowed to welcome more than one other person in our house. Also when meeting outside it is one household and just one person. Although plan is to slowly move out of lock-down, numbers of Corona infections go up again. I will start my series of images with an image about social distancing, where we no longer sit close together but need to keep contact in distance.

Published: Fri, March 5th 2021