Another take on pinhole viewfinders

Another take on pinhole viewfinders
Published: Sat, May 2nd 2020

I thought a bit more about how to make finding out what is going to be in your frame easier. Here is what I came up with. I had something similar for my 8x10 DIY pinhole camera.

I took an approach which allows you to unfold it for better transportation. When folded you put the view finder on your camera with the little window facing you. Then whatever you can see through the little window without seeing the edges of the big window, by moving your eye will be in the frame. Roughly. Only roughly because to get a better view, you would have to place the viewfinder in front of the camera so that the big window is 4cm in front of the pinhole. For that I glued a distance strip to the viewfinder which allows me to stick it to the middle knob. See the image above on how that looks like.

That way you can compose your image without having to hold the viewfinder with your hand all the time and the view is pretty accurate. However to get a better meaning about where your view ends at the top and bottom of your frame you would have to place it bottom up.

Here is a check with the line viewfinder and it looks pretty good.


Note: Before you expose your film make sure to remove the viewfinder again as it will be in your frame otherwise!

However, please keep always in mind. Part of the fun of pinhole photography is that it is not 100% predictable. So guessing your composition without even checking it is always an option.