Digital Lith Tutorial - The Digital Lith Exchange


There is a place where you can get predefined presets, as well as streaking or process modules. We have not yet talked about streaking or process modules and somehow this turns into an hen and egg problem. For now all you have to know about them is: You get them from the exchange and store them in some directory which you need to specify in the preferences. Once you downloaded them you need to restart the program to have them loaded into the program.

With presets it is a different story. The program stores them in the presets file, once you got them, they are in place and directly usable without having to restart the program.

Having that in mind, let’s go to the Digital Lith Exchange. You do this via the Exchange menu. Let’s go to the preset exchange first. Selecting that item, the program will download the list of available presets and preset it in a dialog like this:


Here you can select one or more presets and once you click on Import they will get imported and you will find them in the list of presets.


If you like to get more info about a specific preset you can click on Read more ... and a bit more of description is shown and if you set to show the preview images in the preferences you will also see the effect of the preset in an overview and crop image.

Now go back to the preferences and set the exchange directory to a suitable spot in your file system. Once that is done go to the Exchange menu again, but this time select the Streaking item. You will be presented again with a list of items to be installed. This time it is the available streaking modules. The usage is pretty much the same as with the presets, there is a possibility to get more info about a streaking module and you can select one or more of them to be installed. Once you hit Import they will be downloaded to the extension directory that you defined in the preferences.

With the process modules it is just the same as with the streaking modules.

Needless to say that you need to be connected to the internet to access the exchange. The items that get downloaded are pretty small in size, so the download should not take too long.

Now that you have downloaded some streaking module it is time to have a closer look into uneven development which is covered in the next episode: Click!