Firewall - Digital Lith 4.4


I have been at my parents house this weekend to do a new flooring in one of the bedrooms. I took the chance to get some images around the old barn. Three of them you see in this post.

But now the weekends real news: Digital Lith version 4.4 is released. Here you go: Click!

A friend asked me Don"t you use the systems proxy settings to reach the digital lith exchange? Well, ... no, never thought about this. So I gave it a try and with the new version DigitalLith accesses the exchange site using the system proxy settings. That means if you sit behind a firewall, you a no longer locked out from the exchange. OK, there is one exception, if the proxy requires a username and password, then you are lost. I am not going into the secure storage of passwords business.


Next question though Can the side panels width be adjusted? Look at this screenshot, you can barely read the preset names. Yeah right, the presets coming from the exchange all start with Exchange as prefix. So all I could see in the panel were around ten lines of Exchange.... That has been on Linux and the side panels width is derived from the width of the buttons at the bottom of the panel. Now Java on Linux/Gnome had some very small buttons on the screenshot. Good, why not make it adjustable. You now can adjust the width of the side panels.

And since I was in the flow and doing some UI layout work, why not store the side panel width in the session so that you do not have to re-adjust every time you start the program. And why not also store the window size and position too?


Now one thing that I wanted to have for a long time. My workflow is as follows: From Lightroom export the image to be lithed in a defined directory (and DigitalLith remembers where you load a file from). Then open it, lith it and save it to a defined output directory (also remembered from DigitalLith) which is known by Lightroom. Then all I have to do in Lightroom is to synchronize that folder and the image is added to Lightroom automatically. Good so far, but everytime I want to open an image in DigitalLith, the Java Filechooser orders the files by name, so you have to click on the files date column header twice to see the last added file on top to open it. The Operating System File Dialog (at least on Mac OS) remembers these settings. So now you have the possibility to use the OS file dialog by default (see preferences entry). But since the OS open file dialog warns about storing a file that already exists and then DigitalLith warns again to let you choose an option to generate a unique name ... one warning would be sufficient and since the OS warning can not be switched off I add a preference to select if you want an existing file to be overwritten or to generate a unique name.

These are the major enhancements in version 4.4.

Now there is one important note. If you still run DigitalLith 3.x or earlier, please load the version 4.3.1 (see the DigitalLith site) and create a new preset. This will migrate your presets file to the new format. Version 4.4 will no longer read your old presets file as that support has been kicked out of the code in a big cleanup.

Posted: Oct 30, 2016

The Idea Book - Digital Lith 4.3.1


Digital Lith version 4.3.1 is released. Here you go: Click!

This is a minor version which just adds a bit of comfort on my end and maybe on your end too. When creating digital lith images I happen to develop one to be shown on my web-site (smaller size and developed with border) and another one which might get printer (larger size and no border added). To easier identify these there is now the possibility to have the border size and the image size been put into the filename. Just put you checkmark in the preferences dialog and add a pattern to your liking. In the pattern SIZE and BORDER act as placeholders for the size of the longest image edge and the size of the border.

Since there are now a whole lot of perferences you can set the preferences dialog grew long and so I had to change the layout to make it a bit more compact. Especially for those of you who work with a small laptop display.

Posted: Oct 2, 2016

Digital Lith 4.3

St Trinitatis

Digital Lith version 4.3 is out and ready for download. Go and give it a try: Click!

Probably I should have waited a bit with version 4.2 so that 4.2 alone would have been a bigger release. But hey, sometimes it is just about getting things out. So, sorry, another update of the program and this time probably a version which will be around for some time.

So what is new in 4.3?

First of all, there is something making modules developers life easier. You do no longer have to restart the program once you download a new module or an updated version of a module. If you compile a module and copy it to the extensions directory then you can use the Exchange menu entry Reload to get all the modules reloaded.

Then there is a new feature along the lines of the add border function. In addition to that you are now allowed to also scale the image within the program. Scaling comes first, then the border is added. Since I often create images of different size for different purposes (print/display output) - before 4.3 I had to store different sized source images. Now I only need one of the full size and then can set the size inside the program.

For 4.2 it was a bad choice to not add the image adjustments (back then the border only) into presets. That is now possible. But the preset feature got a little bit more flexible too. In 4.2 and before you only could have either full presets or presets covering coloring only, uneven development only or process parameters only. Now you can combine them and for example have a preset for the coloring and image adjustments only or any other combination.

Is that worth a new release? Well, at least I think so. If you differ with me on that - stick with the old version as long as it does what you need. I now already use it for about a week now and enjoy the scaling feature a lot.

Have fun and take care.

Posted: Sep 17, 2016

Staff Entrance - Digital Lith 4.2


Digital Lith version 4.2 is out and ready for download. Go and give it a try: Click!

There is some new feature that you might welcome. You can now add a white border to the image before it gets developed. That means that the white border gets some development and thus takes up the coloring of the brightes highlights. The image above shows how that might look.

You can give the size of the border in percent of the shorter edge of you image. And you can easily switch it on or off. But it is not part of presets but treated more like the black&white only setting.

In addition to that there is now also a debian package for Linux user running on Ubuntu or Debian. You can install it with dpkg -i DigitalLithLinux_4.2.0.deb it requires that you have openjdk 8 or Oracle Java 8 packages installed.

Have fun and take care.

Posted: Sep 4, 2016

Digital Lith 4.1.3


Digital Lith version 4.1.3 is out and ready for download. Go and give it a try: Click!

This time nothing groundbreaking but it is also not about fixing bugs. There is some new feature in the coloring area. Often I found that I have a satisfying saturation curve but then wanted to lower the overall saturation slightly. To do that you needed to adjust every single curve point.

Now there is a better way to deal with it. On the right side of the curve you see a line with a top and bottom point. These reflect the lowest and highest value of all curve points. Moving one of those two points up or down the curve will adjust to stay in that range and so you are able to adjust all point relative to each other.

Oh and then - finally - the code is signed. When you run the program and allow in you security settings to run programs from verified developers, there is no longer an exception needed to run the program.

Have fun and take care.

Posted: Sep 1, 2016

Some mobile fun


If you follow my site you may have noticed that there are quite a few mobile images lately. This is not because I have sold my cameras. It is also not because the images out of my mobile phone are any better or worse than what I do with my cameras. It is just that it happens that I do not always carry a camera with me and in that cases the phone is a better replacement than no replacement.

And these images are different. And what I started to enjoy more and more is to be out, take a picture and edit it right out in the fields or wherever I am instead of spending more time in front of my computer. And I also enjoy the uncertainties that apps like Hipstamatic introduce into the game.

This is the reason why I started a new folio which is just about mobile images that I upload directly from my phone into my litte mobile diary - give it a sound title, write a few words about it and upload. This is a one and only one image almost every day thing. No special theme about it, just what I found worth to be photographed that day - kind of every day curiosities. If it is more than that one image, then it is worth writing something in this blog.

Want to see with what I started: Click!

Posted: May 29, 2016



Today, just a one-imager - and in color. As all the images lately: Found while walking in the fields.

Posted: May 21, 2016